Jewel of the Heart Retreat

Goa, India

March 1 - 8, 2020



You are whole, perfect and complete exactly as you are.

You have no need for judgment. You have no need for fear.
You are nothing and you are everything.

You are your holiest of sites.
You are exactly what you have been searching for.


Susannah teaches a rigorous style of Bhakti Vinyasa yoga. She is known for leading beautiful chants, fluid sequencing, her quick wit and humor, and for her ability to weave Yoga Philosophy into class in a way that is both profound and accessible. She helps people find refuge inside their own bodies and believes that as a global community we need to find a way to understand the concept that, as her teacher Stephanie Snyder says, we are different but not separate.


In 2010 Susannah completed her first yoga teacher training and in 2014 she received her Masters in Philosophy and Religion.


Susannah currently leads yoga retreats, workshops and trainings around the world and she teaches private, public, and corporate classes all over the San Francisco Bay Area.









11 - 12:30pm

All Levels Flow

@ Flying Studios

9:30 - 10:45am

All Levels Flow

@ Love Story Yoga

12:15 - 1:15pm

All Levels Flow

@ Yoga Tree Hayes

12:15 - 1:15pm

All Levels Flow

@ Yoga Tree Hayes

6 - 7:15pm

All Levels Flow

@ Flying Studios

4:30 - 6pm

All Levels Flow

@ Love Story Yoga

6 - 7:15pm

All Levels Flow

@ Flying Studios

4:30 - 5:45pm

All Levels Vinyasa

@ The Center SF



"Susannah is hands down my favorite yoga teacher. I am grateful every time I get to practice with her. She makes abstract and complex philosophy accessible for everyone and her sequences are creative, intentional, and feel good in every way. I think the world would be a better place if everyone got to practice with her. She is the real deal and a shining example of how to live a yogic life."

Krista Lettko., Oakland


"Susannah’s classes are both incredibly rigorous and powerfully spiritual. She pushes the body and the mind in ways they’re not expecting, and the result is awesome. The cherry on top is her amazing voice. I’ve often left her class with tears in my eyes (in a good way!)."

-Julia M., San Francisco


"I go to Susannah’s class for a rigorous vinyasa and transformative self-reflection. She guides you through a challenging series with clear verbal and tactile cues meant to bring you in touch with alignment, the aesthetic of the posture, and the journey of the self through movement. By offering passages from the Upanishads, and through beautiful chants Susannah lovingly invites your whole being to the practice whereby you come to know your body and soul more deeply. It is clear she is a devoted teacher and meets every practitioner with her heart."

-Michelle D., San Diego

"Susannah is a fantastic yoga teacher and one of my favorites in SF. Her classes are challenging, flow seamlessly and always nurture the body, mind and spirit. Susannah is intuitive, confident, has a beautiful voice and plays great music. Definitely check out her classes. She rocks."

-Suzanne S., San Francisco

"Susannah Freedman supports yoga practitioners with powerful inspiration to flow through many beautifully coordinated postures in every class. Her style blends the mysticism of yoga's ancestral beginnings with the realities of our everyday-lives. Susannah opens our minds and bodies to prepare for the future through yoga practice, by also being at peace with anything we bring to our mats. From serene meditations, to crisp rapid poses, and even beautifully singing to her students, there are no other teachers quite like her!"

-Matt W, Houston

"Susannah Freedman made me fall in love with yoga. I’d been dabbling for years, but it was Susannah’s All Levels Vinyasa Flow class that changed my entire orientation to the practice. Her flows are exquisitely composed, her soundtracks are perfection, and I don’t know how she does it exactly, but a Susannah Freedman class is both intensely challenging and incredibly warm-spirited and welcoming. The fact that I feel that I can come as I am– however I am feeling that day– to a space completely without scene or judgement, means that I want to show up again and again and again."

-Erin C., Grass Valley



Kirtan Nights

Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of devotion, and the root of the word "bhakti" means "to share, to connect." With Bhakti Yoga we find connection with ourselves and others not through analytical thought, but through the feeling of the heart. One of the main ways we do this is through the chanting and sharing of mantra - ancient Sanskrit words strung together to illicit ( among many other things) joy, affection, forgiveness, deep love, and surrender.


Join Susannah and guest musical artists for a sweet evening of stories from Hindu mythology and chants that allow us to access our own hearts.


November 11, December 14, January 10

7:30 - 9pm


Flying Studios (4834 Telegraph Ave)


$25 (kids 16 and under come for FREE!)

Astro Flow: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

This will be an afternoon of reflection, discussion, & flow! We'll discuss Mercury Retrograde and how to use this time to acknowledge, accept, & love our flaws.


November 3, 1 - 4pm


Love Story Yoga, San Francisco

Kriya Yoga

What is Kriya Yoga? Join Susannah to break down this integral part of the yoga practice that is often described as where "the rubber meets the road".


January 11, 2020


Love Story Yoga, San Francisco



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